Edging creates clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas. It is most visible between a lawn and the adjoining garden, but landscape edging can define a flower border, a shrub bed, a single tree, or the transition from a patio to the surrounding garden.

A nice clean garden edge gives your landscape definition and texture. Landscape edging helps define the gardening space by marking it off from the rest of the yard.

One of the most important (and commonly overlooked) details of a good garden is a well-defined edge. 
Brick is perhaps the most traditional garden edging option.

In almost every garden where brick edging looks good, time and preparation have been the key.

The best material to use for garden edging all depends on your preference, space, and availability.

If you like organic materials, wood makes a wonderful and more natural edging.
If you’re looking for a more industrial look, metal sheeting is a trendy option for your lawn. 

Customers reviews

Thank you for the professionalism and good work. The paving looks very nice!
Anro Brits - GMX
Thank you for a wonderful job!
Richard Jones
Thank you for the excellent paving job. You were great to deal with – professional, service oriented and organised. You went the extra mile. Both your foremen, Khiwa and Isaac, and their respective teams, worked hard and quickly, were willing to please and most polite. I couldn’t believe they got the whole job done in one day! That was fantastic.
Sharon - Intelligent Bodies
I am thrilled with the completed paving your team did at my home. It is an absolute pleasure to walk in my garden now. Added to that, it has been a pleasure dealing with your company. You were on time to quote and delivered on every promise made on your quote. Working with you has been like a breath of fresh air.
Sheryl Williams
Steve, nice job ur guys did, very clean thanks.
Thank you so much for a great job! Very happy with the way it has come out. Your guys were professional and helpful.
Paula Lehman