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Tar repairs can save you money

Is your tar work showing signs of deterioration?

Don't panic! Paving Pro can repair tar areas too.

Tar starts to show sins of ageing over time.

Tar, when first applied, has a dark black colour. Over time it turns greyish.

The oil that binds the tar mixture together breaks down or ages as soon as it is exposed to heat when itís being mixed. Exposure to air, water and sunlight causes oxidisation, making tar age.

When a tar surface appears grey and shows sign of drying out then it's time for the surface to be sealcoated.

Rejuvenator/Sealer penetrates the tar, restores essential oils, rejuvenates the tar binder and repairs damage.

Overlaying can rejuvenate an old driveway if the driveway is still structurally sound.

Holes, cracks or areas where the existing tar has softened must be patched or the trouble spots can make their way up through the new tar.

The old tar needs to be thoroughly cleaned and then a wearing/surface coarse may be laid over the existing surface. This is known as an overlay. The overlay is bonded to the existing surface with an emulsion known as a tack coat.

The tack coat is applied to the prepared, existing surface before laying the new surface/wearing coarse.