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The Paving Pro team is very capable of doing tar work.

The City Council have approached Paving Pro many times for kerbs to be raised or lowered.

A tar driveway can provide a smooth, solid entry to your home. Tar is a durable material that, if properly installed, will last for decades.

Every tar job must have a solid foundation. The area should be properly excavated, removing any unsuitable material such as sand, topsoil, clay or large stones.

Other organic material, such as tree roots or lumber, should also be removed. Once the excavation is complete, a suitable sub-grade material is installed and allowed to settle.

There are two types of base: crushed gravel (G4 or G5) and coarse tar. The thicker the base, the more weight it can hold. A coarse base uses tar that contains larger than normal crushed aggregate.

These larger stones provide a solid base for your driveway.

A coarse tar base is perfect if your subgrade is clay or has poor drainage.

The base will then be fine graded and compacted. Once the driveway base has been properly prepared, hot tar will be delivered by truck to your location and distributed over the prepared base, where it is rolled and compacted to the specified thickness.

The tar best suited for driveways and parking areas is 13mm wearing coarse, and pavement hot premix for walkways and pathways.