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Paving repairs can save you money

Paver Rejuvenation

Paving Pro can restore pavers to their original colour and splendour.

A wash-and-brush-up followed by the application of a quality sealant can completely rejuvenate a paved driveway or patio at quite a reasonable price.

Paving sealer reduces or eliminates weeds and can also prevent 'mining' of the jointing sand by ants.

Sealants offer an effective method of reducing regular maintenance bykeeping the surface clean.

Sealing your pavers is the most effective method of protecting them. The coating of sealer will also enhance the colour of your pavers and make them more durable.

Sealer also allows you to clean off stains and marking with greater ease, for the sealer coating prevents substances from being absorbed and penetrated into the pavers. Sealing has so many benefits which is why it is a recommended maintenance procedure.

It is important to maintain your pavers, making repairs much easier, and even to help prevent the need for repairs. Inspect your paved areas regularly, especially after heavy rain. Regularly sweep or pressure clean your paved surfaces, to remove materials and debris.

If cracks or potholes appear, fill or replace your pavers immediately to avoid further damage Sealing and resealing your pavers on a regular basis can also protect them from stain damage and the effects of high traffic usage By maintaining your paved areas, you are prolonging the life span and overall appearance of them.

Also it can also help protect your pavers from needing too many repairs.


Mrs M E van der Merwe
41 Hoheizen Road

Dear Mr Galleid

I should have written this letter long ago, but better late than never ! I wish to thank you most sincerely for returning to see to the cracks in the paving. Everything looks much better now.

In these modern times firms do not do that - pride in their job is unknown. Should I ever need paving to be done, I will contact you.

I will also recommend Paving Pro where the opportunity arises.

Thank you once again.

Mrs M.E. van der Merwe