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Identify problems with your paving

Alligator cracking is caused by an insufficient base and needs to be repaired from the bottom up. If not repaired, alligator cracking will lead to potholes from water getting under the surface.

Joint reflection cracks are common and are a result of where the last paving contractor joined the lanes when paving. These cracks should be filled with crackfill.

Heaving is caused by tar pavement mat that was not put down with the traffic or load weights in mind. This area needs to be completely ripped out and started over with a sufficient stone base followed by base tar and finally a layer of top tar.

Sliding is caused by either a lack of or excessive use of tack coat when the prior contractor paved the surface.

Raveling is caused by a lack of compaction at the time of paving.

Checking and Rutting is caused by poor roller technique.

Poor drainage – maybe curb too high, no transitions…

Oxidation occurs when the sunlight breaks the carbon bonds in asphalt, which causes cracks. Seal coating the pavement can help prevent oxidation.

Source: Sauers Tree & Landscape Service