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The overall visual textural effect of a finished job is influenced by the bond pattern you select (Herringbone, Stretcher, Random Bond etc) so choose from the examples shown here (or make up your own softly flowing design to fit the irregular style of your pathways).

Also, leave openings for shrubs or trees. There are two basic types of paving: moulded cement paving/simulated stone paver or slab and kiln-fired clay brick.
The more complex the patterns, the greater the percentage of wastage hence more pavers will have to be purchased over and above that needed for the originally measured area and the job will therefore cost more.

50 bricks per square metre is the standard amount of bricks needed for a job but with complex patterns there can be as much as 12 percent wastage because of cuttings. This also takes more time meaning more will be charged for labour too.

Copy, paste and e-mail the pattern that interests you and we'll quote you

    Basket Weave: Visually, this repeating pattern tends to 'close in' and reduce the apparent size of paved areas. It is most appropriate in square or rectangular situations as difficult cutting is required when adapting basketweave to curved edges.
    Herringbone is a strong interlocking style that is particularly good for driveways and other high use areas. The pattern fits easily into irregular shapes and tends to make paved areas look longer. This is a very attractive pattern creating a geometric texture which always looks attractive even with an overall regular coloured paving brick.

The Herringbone pattern laid at a 45 degree angle.
    Running or Stretcher Bond. This style is the most used bond for paving. It can be laid accurately with perfect alignment and consistent size joints for a formal and professional effect. It can be laid out casually with uneven joints for an informal effect. Header courses can be mixed in with the same or contrasting colours.
    In the Spanish Bond, four outer bricks form a square with an open center which can be filled with a half brick or left open.
    Great effects can be obtained with a bit of imagination. This pattern is just a slightly modified verison of the basket weave pattern.
    The Della Robbia pattern provides a beautiful lattice-like effect. It is a variation on a basket weave, but it uses only one brick (or thread) for the weft and warp.