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Use cobbles to give your property a touch of paving style.

Cement cobbles are a cost-effective alternative to original stone cobbles.  There are a range of colours to choose from, and cobbles are the most durable of the simulated stone paver range.

Cobbles are often used for paving driveways as they are resilient enough to handle heavy vehicles. Cobbles have a beautiful slate finish similar to some roads in Europe.

Cobble paving can also be sealed with a mat epoxy sealant which brings out the true colour and makes it easier to clean. Paving Pro always uses cobbles which are SABS approved.

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Directly below is a small sample of paving with cobbles. More Cement Cobbles Paving Photos can be viewed in the Photo Gallery. Be inspired by a wide range of ideas and and brick patterns in this awesome photo gallery


Danie van Rooyen
(Tel: 021-761 3474)

It is with great pleasure that I can write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Paving Pro and Stephen Galleid. We recently had our driveway re-paved by another paving company as used by our contractor.

After they completed the job, we noticed that the underside of our motorcars made contact with a certain area of the driveway when driving in and out.

This scraping noise was a cause for concern and we asked the original paving company to fix the problem. They expected us to pay for this and presented a ridiculous quote.

We decided to obtain quotes from other paving companies and in this manner made contact with Stephen from Paving Pro. Stephen came out to the house on a public holiday to assess the situation and promptly provided us with a quote the next day. We were very happy with the quote and appointed Paving Pro to sort out our driveway problem.

The job entailed the following key procedures:
- Raising kerbs to new level for easier transition with end kerbs slanted for easier access.
- Lifting and re-laying cobbles including cuttings, rolling and grouting.
- Cobbles laid to a new level with slope made more gradual for easier transition.
- Supply of all labour and materials.
- Cleaning up site after job is completed.

Stephen and his team really worked hard and very efficiently throughout the process. Whenever I contacted him to receive an update, he was always available to talk to me and give me the necessary feedback. In the end we were very satisfied and impressed by the work that Stephen and his team has done.

The problem with the angle of the slope was fixed and the underside of our motorcars did not make contact with the driveway anymore. Driving in and out of the driveway was now smooth and much easier. Overall they did a great job. We will definitely recommend Paving Pro to anyone.

Yours sincerely,

Danie van Rooyen