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Paving slabs are popular because of the unlimited designs and patterns that allow you to be creative. Paving slabs are also durable and strong which means they will last for many years.

The choice of colour is endless allowing you to choose different shades of materials to suit and compliment the surroundings of your house.

Simulated stone slabs offer versatility, durability and afforability.

Concrete slabs are different to standard paving slabs because the concrete is poured and the application is one single unit instead of individual units. It is a great choice for large areas.

It is better to use smaller slabs for driveways as they are stronger. The slabs should measure anything below 600mm x 600mm. Bigger slabs are liable to crack under the weight of vehicles.

Slate or Slasto is a natural stone which is highly versatile with numerous ways to be used. Slate is durable, even lasting several hundred years. It is waterproof and fireproof and needs little or no maintenance.

Natural Slate is ideal for dramatic colour and texture offering many different designs, colors are made from natural stone.

However, like tiling, paving with Slate/Slasto requires the use of a cement base and is a more expensive than the alternative concrete slabs.

Slate or Slasto pavers are suitable for almost any type of outdoor project including patios, walkways and landscaping.

It is a great option for homes with swimming pools or outdoor water features as it is naturally slip-resistant. The water resistant properties of Slate also make it an ideal material to use for bathrooms and kitchens.

Though durable, contractors can break pavers into different shapes and sizes, making it easy to create a customised look. Gardening and landscaping opened a new market for Slate which is the decorative choice of many garden designers.

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