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If you are on a tight budget, the cheapest way of paving is with broken half brick pavers. The most popular of these is the Wheatstone paver. The alternatives are Rustic Blend, De Hoop, and Hard Red ROK.

These are clay pavers that have cracked during the time they were baked in the kiln (we don't like to use building half bricks as they are not strong enough for driveways).

Instead of disposing of them, a specially appointed contractor gets his team to sort out the different types & shades of broken bricks (which didn't break exactly in half but came out of the kiln in different sizes).

There are two popular half brick paving patterns to use: circles (also known as wagon wheels) or fans as used in the streets of some European towns.

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Directly below is a small sample of half-brick paving. More Half Brick Paving Photos can be viewed in the Photo Gallery Be inspired by a wide range of ideas and and brick patterns in this awesome photo gallery

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